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Businesses on twitter need to understand that they cannot just create an account send out a few promotional tweets and expect people to flock to them receiving thousands of Twitter impressions, profile hits and ultimately loyal customers. Twitter success involves a few key elements. My account is the perfect example for this.

Twitter is a powerhouse for SME’s who have the drive for success, and what’s even better is, that although it does take time and some smarts, it’s free. If you want to market your business through Facebook, Google, LinkedIn you need a budget, if you have no budget, you need to #LearnTwitter.

I build up my Twitter presence a long time ago to engage with influencers within the art world. I then changed direction and got into retail and left my Twitter presence slide, paying little or no attention to my profile. As you can see, I sent no Tweets in December, lost 7 followers and had no profile visits. However in April I had 2,777 profile visits so far, these are all people that were potentially interested in what I had to say, of those 152 decided to follow me, which means that (again, potentially) I could convert them to customers. Plus, 68 + thousand impressions is a fantastic result towards establishing my brand identity.

twitter impressions dec vs aprilSo basically now I’m launching my new website and back to promoting. What I’ve learnt from dealing with a variety of clients in the past 8 months is that :

  • SME’s don’t have up to date websites that are promoting their product/services to the best of their abilities. This is reflected in Ireland’s Digital Health Index of 2015 which can be found on IEDR’s website
  • The budget for Digital Marketing is extremely low, if even present.
  • Most of the time spent on social media is either trying to sort the noise from the valuable stuff, or not converting into the sales funnel.

With the sales funnel having changed so dramatically, businesses need to find their online voice and platform most suitable to their particular business and become the master of it. Any marketer will tell you that it’s no longer just about creating the perfect add or having the perfectly optimised website, of course it’s essential, but it’s only the start. Ongoing SEO is now clearly about micro moments and engagements. And that’s exactly where you need to focus your efforts.


Twitter is the platform I see most value in and I’ve decided to pass on that knowledge in an effort to help those business owners that are struggling to get heard, be noticed or identify their market. Once I took that decision at the start of the month, to give free lessons through a networking hour to my audience, I then had an aim, so always make sure you have your business aims in line with your social media presence.

73% of people using social selling outperformed their sales peers and exceeded their quota by 23% Click To Tweet


All I had to do to gain over 68 thousand impressions was be active in the area I care about and establish where I wanted to add value. I did this through joining some specific Twitter chats, attending a webinar, writing  2 blog posts & creating some graphics and scheduling some tweets. This in turn helps with my brand recognition, it gives me a voice within my market, is good for my SEO and is getting people interested in the launch of my new networking session, which can also help guide you, step by step, in finding a voice for your brand, discovering how to tap into niches in the market and filter out all the noise. Within a few months, in a friendly environment with an easy step by step process, businesses and individuals can learn how to leverage the same sort of figures as me.

The advantage been

  • Low cost barrier of entry,
  • Global reach,
  • Identify your audience and target your sales ultimately saving time & money

For example, Twitter has six distinct categories, learn which one you can leverage

  1. Polarized crowds , e.g topic related such as politics, entertainment etc. These can be a divided audience
  2. Tight crowds, e.g hobbies. These can be quite unified
  3. Brand Clusters, e.g public events, brands. These can often lead to trending subjects
  4. Community Clusters eg global news for example tweets of areas hit by a storm etc
  5. Broadcast networks eg celebrities and news channels, you have about an 8% chance of getting a mention from these.
  6. Support Networks, companies and services with customer support, 53% of users expect a response within an hour of tweeting a brand.

*referances, www.fastcompany.com Business & Innovation

I’m currently approaching sponsors, which I can’t talk too much about just yet, so that I can bring you this wealth of knowledge for free, we all already have enough overheads I know! However if you’d like to be part of the networking session why not fill out this quick survey and pop your email address down, I will notify you as soon as I’m ready to launch the lessons or find me on Twitter and say Hi.

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