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What is a Twitter Hour?

A twitter hour is a 1 hour weekly networking session, organised for a specific time and day of the week, where anyone can participate, using a specified hashtag (#).

There already is many Twitter hours or also referred to as Tweetchats up and running, that are theme based and very niche, business related, local, national or international.

Joining a Twitter hour can be very beneficial for networking, upping your engagement and driving traffic to your blog or specific landing pages and raising your profile. Only a week back Google announced that social signaling does indeed have an affect on your page ranking too, so as time goes on this will also benefit your SEO efforts.

Many folks seem to find it hard to engage or find value on twitter, however it hasn’t become one of the largest social media networks for nothing.

The aim of this Twitter Hour.

To help and assist beginners and any interested parties to

  • Send out Tweets using hashtags
  • Learn how to follow and take part in specific conversations
  • Tips and tricks on using Twitter

Followed by  

  • Specific tasks for the hour
  • Interesting articles & tutorials to help guide you

Resulting in 

  • More engagement
  • Targeted Audience
  • More followers
  • Exposure for your business, product or service
  • Driving more traffic to your specified target.

And that, I envisage would be just the start of it, like with any chat, I would expect it to take form with time and take on it’s own shape, defined by you, by us!

Interested in taking part?

If so, please fill in the survey below so that I can establish a few things before kicking it off and please share to get others involved!

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