I provide an all round, multi sided approach to, website design, SEO, Google analytics, and digital marketing and have website development packages to suit everyone.

If you pick one of my search engine optimisation, or Google analytics packages and you decide to go it alone after 6 months, your site will have drastically improved, you will have certain actions in place and you will be inspired and armed with lots of ideas to develop your business at your own pace and budget.

I have experience in design,I know how to build sites that are responsive, social media ready and most importantly search engine and user friendly, so if you already have a site built by someone else, that’s fine, I can consult with your web designer so that we can implement the changes that are necessary.

I am partnered with a registrar, so I can untangle any issues you may have with hosting, emails, and deal with, hosting companies, programmers, web developers or advertising agencies on your behalf.

I studied business and design communications in college, as well as having run my own business, so I am acutely aware of the different issues that businesses face day to day.

If you hire me to build your site, I expect that you have all the content ready, to start the job. If that’s not the case, send me an email, and I can put you in touch with a content creator or point you towards where to find stock images or photographers.

If you have your own images, but they just need some re touching or branding, I charge hourly.


If you’re going to hire me to drive traffic to your site, first you will need a sizeable budget. I will be suggesting changes to the structure and content of your site – marketing campaigns, both digital such as Adwords, social campaigns etc as well as ‘old school’ ideas, which could also suit your specific business. All these suggestions may require us to hire 3rd parties or pay for campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest, printers, designers, or whatever we, together, decide is relevant to your business. These expenses will be extra and you need to budget for them if you want to increase traffic to your website.

You don’t have to implement all or any of my suggestions, you may have this under control and you just want me to report on the performance of your site and manage your Google analytics, concentrating on the page ranking of your site on search engines and how it’s performing with the various changes you, or your team are implementing.

I have set packages for all the different options which we can also build on and expand if you so wish.


If you’re what I call a DIYer I offer lots of free advice and you can find this through my social media channels and my blog. I update these in my own free time and as a hobby.

However, if you require my services or advice outside of our given package and allocated time slots, I charge per hour. The reason for this charge is that if I take time out of my schedule, it means I have to work extra late, because I’m now running behind on an other clients work. Simple. If you were a dentist I doubt you wouldn’t charge for an emergency extraction and only expect to be paid for routine fillings. Right?

But saying that, also know that once you hire me, it’s not all so black and white, I charge X for YZ work, but that’s actually hours in front of my laptop producing reports for you etc. I take every business as if it was my own baby and I care deeply about how it’s getting on, maturing, and developing. I cycle through ideas and fresh or alternative approaches in my head continually, keeping note when doing research, or even jumping out of the shower to pencil something down, that’s just who I am!

So now that we have all that clarified and you know where exactly you stand, lets get started!