Professional Website Critique To Improve Performance & Create Conversions

As an online business growth specialists, clients come to me to evaluate and critique websites and their online performance. If you find that your site isn’t converting into visitors and sales or signups or whatever the primary goal of your website is, you need a professional to run a heuristic evaluation amongst other critical website evaluation techniques which I will quickly run through below.

The need for such evaluations has come about where websites were designed without search engine optimisation and human-computer interaction in mind, a new media sector which is advancing at an extremely fast pace!

A professional website critique, provides your business with a list of actionable steps to fine tune your online business to succeed in reaching your market. Avail of a limited time offer and save €100 , get your website up to date, improve conversions and engage the audience that matters to you before the new year!


Site Critique & Website Evaluation Checklist

  • User Friendliness
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Responsiveness
  • Objectivity
  • Scope and Depth
  • Consistency and standards

User Friendliness

Site is checked for consistency and standards, overall navigation and user interaction design. It should be considered easy to navigate with all the tap targets correctly sized, and easy to read fonts, along with other such design elements.

Search Engine Optimisation

Site is checked for speed and crawl error reports as well as the correct use of social media icons, meta descriptions, image alt descriptions and much more.


Most sites that were designed recently would be mobile responsive, if your site isn’t, you should immediately look into fixing that, contact your own designer or let me design you a mobile friendly website. Mobile searches are outpacing desktop searches and google are fine tuning local seo for mobile first amongst other elements such as rich snippets etc.


Your website would have been originally designed with certain needs and factors which reflected your business and it’s supply and demand. Does your website still represent the need of it’s end users? Perhaps you need to expand and create new pages for services you offer, or allow for online bookings etc. Simply put, does your website, still fit it’s purpose and is it achieving that task?

Scope and Depth

Can the site improve in any way? If it’s a specialised subject, perhaps certain steps can be taken to add depth to the site. Or similar subject fields added to attract a more varied but yet targeted audience.

Consistency and standards

Users should not have to wonder if they are navigating to the correct page, or click through pages too many times to find what they are looking for. It is well documented in research papers that if end users cannot find what they are looking for within a few clicks they will abandon the site, often never to return again.

All material presented in a website should be unique and add value, information should appear in a natural and logical manner. There should be smooth navigation and the design should echo between pages.


There is lots of website evaluation criteria beyond the above checklist. Each business brings up it’s own unique worksheet.

For example if site owners heavily rely on their social media efforts, use a form of paid advertising or if the site is say, an educational one perhaps, well then it would need to fulfil a very specific and slightly different set of criteria!

Website critiques can answer that small, but critical question that plagues so many site owners ‘ why isn’t my website working for me?’

Free website evaluation tools

There is free website evaluation tools that will answer one or two of the above questions if time was on your side and you are a bit tech savvy. To do this would involve, doing a lot of research, running certain software, and joining some forums. Then you could start piecing together a picture and self evaluating your online business.

Or you could get in contact with me and I’ll put together a report of actionable steps to take and help you expand and pinpoint the direction you need to take to make your website perform for you.

Website critiques are carried out by both existing businesses and startups as a way of accessing the current online market, the health index and performance of their site and the reports provided will help open up some new directions and give your business some actionable steps to compete and stand out from the crowd.