The best way to search optimise your website is from the very start, however at no point is it too late to implement SEO. The basic package will cover most sites and provides a good start.

At any stage, but especially if you already run adwords campaigns, use social media to grow your traffic organically, or have other methods of driving your traffic, I suggest the next step should be to fire up Google analytics on your site. Once we can see the who, where and when of the people visiting your site, then we can start to fine tune and develop the site and start targeting your audience correctly. Nowadays with so much competition online, alt tags, meta descriptions and keywords aren’t enough, you also need to consider things such as long tail keywords and adding content that really speaks to your audience, that’s not something that can be done in a day, it takes time!


It provides us with the facts and figures and allows us to measure the results of our efforts, and that’s why, unlike many companies out there, I don’t have a six month package for SEO, and it’s unnecessary unless you are putting up daily/weekly content, in which case you still need to run analytics. For the best ongoing SEO, please see my Google analytics packages, once you start receiving my reports on your traffic you can then arrange to have a monthly consultation (or as often as you believe they may be necessary) to implement the best SEO options for your specific business.

Whatever stage you are on in the process of building your business I always advice to start with a consultation.

A consultation is a focused session which allows us to determine exactly what is required, so as to advance your business to where you want to take it. It’s a necessary step so that I can advise you as to what is the most suitable package or what other services you may require, if any! Often, and I don’t like saying it, but it’s true, if your site was built a good few years ago or by a designer that doesn’t know about SEO, a web critique is required and what that reveals is that the site needs to have some of the pages built from start, rather than attempting to patch things up.

A consultation looks at all the different aspects of your business and ties them together to determine the best actions to advance your web presence. A website critique only focuses on your website and issues such as duplicate content, poor design and things that may be hindering your site from ranking high with both users and the search engines. During these sessions I will be providing you with key actions you should take that would suit your budget and vision.

€ 200.00
2 hour consultation
Detailed look at your web presence
Pre consultation questionnaire
Report on necessary steps to take next
€ 350.00
User friendliness
Search Engine friendliness
Speed & crawl errors
Domain Authority
Design breakdown
Social Media integration
Consistency & professionalism
BASIC SEO (Wordpress only)
€ 550.00
Keyword research
Optimising Meta & Description tags - up to 10 pages
Image Alt text
Speed Tested
Local SEO
SEO PLUS (Wordpress only)
Starting at €1550.00
Keyword research
Optimising Meta & Description tags - up to 20 pages
Image Alt text
Speed Tested
Crawl errors report
Local SEO
Installation of Google analytics plus 3 months basic reports