I have a variety of different packages available that should suit everyone, whether it’s a basic site, a blog or a more in depth website design you are looking to get built. I advise that if your budget allows for it, to get a package that includes SEO rather than add it on later as this option works out cheaper.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can find an explanation of all the different terms and some of the most common questions I get asked, answered.

Website Design & SEO, All In One Package

What I focus mostly on during the development of a site is that it’s user friendly, while still maintaining a professional look. One of the biggest mistakes website designers seem to be making nowadays is that they sacrifice the user experience for the design, however this is counter productive, if a viewer has trouble navigating or finding what they are looking for they will very quickly abandon the site, often never to return again.

All the websites I design are responsive and built using best SEO practices in mind. The sites are developed so that they can later be expanded as your business and vision grows.

Starting at € 350.00
1 Year Free Hosting
1 Dedicated Email
Responsive Blog
Customise Fonts & Colours
Social Media sharing buttons
2 hours training to start posting
5 PAGE SITE (Basic)
Starting at € 650.00
1 Year Free Hosting
Up to 3 Email addresses
Responsive Site
Social Media sharing buttons
Up to 5 Pages
Starting at € 150.00
Landing Pages
Special offers
New Product Launch
Added Services
Blog Page Setup
Starting at € 950.00
1 Years Hosting Included
Up to 5 Email Addresses
Responsive Site
Social Media Sharing Buttons
Content Management System (CMS)
Basic SEO Included
Keyword Optimised (basic)
Up to 10 Pages
Starting at € 2150.00
1 Years Hosting Included
Up to 10 Email Addresses
Responsive Site
Speed Tested
Social Media Sharing Buttons
CMS (2 hrs training Included)
SEO Friendly & Local SEO
Keyword Optimised (basic)
Google Analytics Enabled
Up to 20 Pages
€ 65.00 per hour
Resizing/Retouching of images
Setting Up Social Media Channels
Uploading videos
Synchronisation of social media accounts
CMS Training
Website Changes
A domain name is your website's name, for example my sites domain name is saoire.ie. The top level domain part (TLD) part is the .ie. Generally speaking if you are trading in Ireland I advice always going for a .ie for SEO purposes rather than a .com. However that isn't essential, and any TLD you wish can be used. It is charged yearly.
It is storage on a server so that your site can be accessed on the internet. This is also a yearly charge.
Many people may already have a personal email, however it looks more professional to have dedicated ones such as info@saoire.ie or saoire@wxyz.ie for multiple employes. They are also easier to remember and look better on your advertising, business cards etc
A responsive website is one that conforms to the screen of whatever device your viewer is using. Have you ever had to scroll across a site or pinch it? Those site's are not responsive. Too much browsing and business are done on mobiles today to ignore, and all the sites I build are responsive for that reason.
Social Media sharing buttons allow your visitors to share the page of your site they are looking at to various networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. If you have Social Media Accounts set up for your business, we can also include follow buttons.
CMS is an application that allows and supports the creation and alteration of digital content using a common interface and in this case even allowing the collaboration of multiple users working on the website. In plain English, if a client wished, with training they could add and remove content from web pages, or include a blog and even have multiple staff members contributing.
Seo is quite a complex process and lots of articles exist if you would like to find out more about it. It is the steps taken to affect the visibility of a website, blog or even individual page in search engines such as Google and affects your organic traffic.
Keywords are specific words associated with your particular product, service etc that a client may use to search for you on the web. When pages are Keyword optimised it means that specific words have been associated with each of your websites pages, making it easier for search engines and clients or potential customers to find you.
Analytics allows us to track your website, the traffic on it, where it's coming from, what particular pages they are looking at, how long they are staying on your site, if they are a new or returning visitor and where they came from, eg a facebook post or add you are running might have brought them there. Analytics can be hugely beneficial in determining a variety of different things about your site and your market.
They are extra bits of text that appear under search results such as opening/closing times or a direct link to your contact page etc.
Training sessions are given either face to face or online using screen sharing software.
A basic Website or Blog could be finished within a week of receiving all the text and images from you. Websites in Plan A & B can take anything from 2 to 8 weeks.
You can either add to the cart, follow through and pay using Paypal, or via bank transfer. I take a 50% deposit upon booking and the remainder within 30 days of completion.


When you book to have a website designed with me, it includes two consultations, the first to establish what exactly you require built and the second where I present the site to you. All further communications are done via email and phone. After the original consultation you must provide me with clear, concise and original content as outlined in our first meeting for the development of your site in a timely fashion. If you wish to change the content of your site, add or remove pages or make any major changes after the original design, there is an additional hourly charge. I require a 50% booking deposit to start working on your site, with the remainder to be paid within 30 days of completion.
I'm afraid I cannot give free general advice on this beyond what I post on Twitter and my blog. If you require guidance please either book a consultation or a site critique. I take payment up front for the basic SEO package and a 50% deposit with the remainder to be paid in monthly installments for the PLUS option.